What is pawnbroking?

What is pawnbroking?

Pawnbroking is a service that allows you to secure an instant cash loan against your jewellery or other valuables.  You remain the owner during the period of the contract which is normally 6 months or longer.

Browns offer a 27 week contract which is just over 6 months. Interest is charged on a monthly basis and the loan amount plus accrued interest can be repaid at any time which is called a redemption.

Towards the end of the contract, Browns always write to every customer offering the opportunity to pay the accrued interest and renew the loan contract.

At the end of the contract the pawnbroker is entitled to sell the jewellery or valuables at auction or through private treaty to recover the loan amount plus the accrued interest.   Browns always try to prevent this and keep in touch to encourage a customer to renew or redeem their contract.

We find that 8 out of 10 customers redeem their pledges at Browns.  The interest rates are extremely competitive within the industry and negotiable on larger loans.

Monthly Interest Rate (the lowest around!)

Loan Amount

Monthly Interest

APR Equivalent

Up to £900



£900 to £999



£1,000 and more




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