About Simon Brown

Simon BrownSimon Brown's earliest childhood memories are of the excitement of Christmas Eve in the family's jewellery shop in Leeds.  As a young boy, he would help out and was equally excited come January when the shop was also busy with customers wanting to pawn their valuables to raise a bit of cash for the New Year. 'You never knew what people would bring in and there was real excitement when a customer brought in something unusual or an antique.' Says Simon.

Despite being hooked on the jewellery business, Simon became an accountant in London immediately after he graduated from Nottingham University.

The call of the family business and being a jeweller was too loud and he soon moved back to Yorkshire after three years to take his place in the family business. The family business steadily grew and Simon developed the financial side. In 2007 it was decided to sell to a large corporation which gave Simon the opportunity to pursue his own plans.

'I've learned so much in twenty-one years in the business - I can cherry pick the best experiences,' he says.

His philosophy with his own company is as it's always been - 'You can still be professional but keep a heart in the business'

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