Fine Art Advance

Fine Art Advance, FAAd is a bespoke, discreet, service available to private individuals and businesses using valuables as collateral to secure a short term loan.

All types of valuables can be considered provided the item has an assessable and stable value and can be placed in secure storage.

Temporarily  releasing capital from an asset in this way can assist with cash flow management and is a quick way of raising money to meet unexpected financial demands without effecting credit rating status.

The borrower retains ownership of the valuable throughout the period of the contract.  Contrary to the common perception the broker does not have the advantage of taking the profit on unredeemed items sold.  In these cases where
the item is sold any money remaining after the broker has recovered interest and costs is due back to the borrower.

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Fine Art Advance, for the Fine Art of Finance. Trade Welcome.
*Owing to the cost of storage and collection loans will normally only be offered on individual
items or collections valued over £2000.

We lend against Paintings : Furniture : Works of Art : Classic Cars... and more

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